Breath Of The Wild Sequel Will Use The Same Hyrule Map

The other day, Nintendo born arguably the largest piece of stories at E3 that wasn’t, really, news in the slightest degree. the corporate is creating a sequel to The Legend of Zelda; Breath of the Wild. this is not stunning, of course–of course Nintendo is creating another Zelda game, it has been creating Zelda games for many years. And nevertheless it’s electrical to visualize the factor on screen for the primary time. And now, details square measure beginning to trickle in.

The forthcoming game are going to be a right away sequel to Breath of the Wild, one thing that we do not continuously see during this series: the foremost noteworthy direct sequel is perhaps Majora’s Mask, that directly designed on the story and world of sweet potato of your time. And like Majora’s Mask, this forthcoming game feels like it’ll create serious use of a number of the assets created for its precursor. In fact, per a Game betrayer with producer Eiji Aonuma, it’ll use an equivalent basic map as Breath of the Wild:

“One of the explanations we tend to needed to make a continuation was as a result of I needed to come back that Hyrule once more and use that world once more, whereas incorporating new gameplay and new story,” he told Game betrayer.

This is the kind of factor which will produce a reaction once you 1st hear it. Breath of the Wild, after all, rotated around exploration and discovery, and the way may Nintendo presumably produce an equivalent sense of surprise with a map that we’ve already spent dozens and dozens of hours exploring each nook and cranny of? however this is often additionally a trick that Nintendo has force before: A Link Between Worlds, as an example, used an equivalent map as A Link to the Past. And whereas Majora’s Mask technically used a unique map from sweet potato of your time, it additionally re-used an enormous variety of assets from the older game to the purpose wherever it felt every now and then the maximum amount sort of a remix as one thing fully new. that did not hurt the sport at all: it’s price noting that those games square measure a number of the foremost beloved titles within the entire series.

And whereas it isn’t Nintendo, Ubisoft has additionally gone down this road a number of times in recent years, re-using the maps for a lot Cry four and five for a lot Cry Primal and New Dawn. Primal, particularly, was able to produce a very new expertise to the purpose wherever few even detected that it had been re-using the map from four.

The rumor–and it is very a lot of a rumor–is that Breath of the Wild would showcase the map in its unbuilt, post-apocalyptic state, whereas this new game can offer United States of America one thing a bit a lot of civilized. that will be a pleasant thanks to get United States of America to re-evaluate our relationship to a world we tend to already recognize, however it would not be the sole strategy here.

That’s arguably the largest piece of real data we have got regarding the sport, however there square measure different rumors. the sport can apparently take a far darker tone than Breath of the Wild, and there square measure even whispers that it’d feature Zelda as a playable character. We’ll hear a lot of…eventually.

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