Dauntless Has Online Issues In First Week

Dauntless, an internet multiplayer game galvanized by Monster Hunter that formally free earlier in the week, has been slammed with matchmaking problems and server issues in its gap days, however its developers say things can heal.

After launching in alpha in 2017, unfearing finally came out of Early Access on could twenty one, inbound for the primary time on Xbox One and PlayStation four additionally to laptop wherever it’s currently—you guessed it!—an Epic Games Store exclusive. a lot of of it revolves around going out on hunts with different players on-line, fighting massive monsters in time period combat, and exploitation the loot and knowledge gained to grow sturdy enough to require on more durable beasts. It is plenty of fun once it’s operating, however before long there have been issues.

Dauntless’ store began experiencing issues within the afternoon, and developer Phoenix Labs briefly took it offline to check fixes. Later that night, wide-spread service outages began.

The issues continuing into weekday. “Servers square measure symptom, however we’re operating to induce them patched up and back to form,” Phoenix Labs tweeted at 3:19 p.m. on May 22. unfearing was then briefly taken offline for server maintenance before coming AN hour later with a stricter limit on what percentage folks may play. “Good news: Servers square measure coming online!” the developer same. “Less-good news: We’ve had to limit the amount of individuals which will play quickly, which suggests that queues are going to be longer (for now).” This LED to for much longer wait times. Aat one purpose, AN in-game timer displayed “180+ minutes” for a few players. except for those within the game, it had been a additional stable.

Beyond property problems and long wait times, unfearing additionally struggled ahead of time with player purchases not now showing on their accounts, a giant deal for any game however particularly one that’s free-to-play and depends on a sprawling microtransaction economy. Some players have additionally been encountering a bug that causes a crash, one thing Phoenix work has additionally acknowledged and same it’s performing on a fix for.

“Realistically the issues that you’re siting square measure quite true of any live game and it’s not for lack of coming up with,” Nick Clifford, Phoenix Labs’ head of business enterprise, told Kotaku throughout a phone interview. “A heap of those issues you don’t apprehend you have got them till players show up.”

While he didn’t come in detail on the technical challenges that control unfearing back throughout its initial week, Clifford same that whereas the inflow of recent players alone wasn’t a difficulty, it exposed flaws that required to be addressed . “Until the instant happens it’s laborious to sorting and solve those issues,” he said.

According to a announcement by Phoenix Labs, unfearing gained five hundred,000 further players on its initial day of unharness. The studio wouldn’t specify the coincident range of players peaked at in the week, however told Kotaku it had been somewhere within the five-digit vary. Following the server maintenances earlier within the week, Phoenix Labs tweeted that player capability within the game has doubled since weekday, one thing created attainable partly thanks to Google’s knowledge centers, that square measure wherever on-line matchmaking happens.

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