Destiny 2 Reveals Shadowkeep Downloadable Content

Even before Bungie left Activision, however particularly once, players are questioning a few central question, whether or not Destiny would ditch the numbered sequel model and easily become one thing reminiscent of “World of Destiny.”

Now, Bungie is overtly talking concerning being associate degree MMO, isn’t talking concerning Destiny three, if that idea even still exists, and is instead targeted on increasing Destiny a pair of the maximum amount because it will, beginning this fall with its Shadowkeep enlargement. a part of the refrain for fans wanting Destiny to become one massive world has been questioning if Destiny one can ever be ported over into the most game thus mix the 2 titles and every one their zones.

With Shadowkeep, the solution is…kind of?

This wasn’t ordered out expressly within the Shadowkeep reveal, however once paying attention to Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy visit Jason Schreier on Kotaku Splitscreen, the set up for “combining” Destiny one and Destiny a pair of currently looks a lot of clear.

There is not reaching to be one giant port of Destiny one into Destiny a pair of, merging all the recent zones, missions, strikes, raids, etc. And however that doesn’t mean the worlds of Destiny one aren’t reaching to arrive all a similar.

Sure, several can decision this employment, however i believe most of the Destiny community would read this as a lot of homesick than time-saving or cost-cutting. I in person am wanting forward to revisiting the moon once more, and clearly, it’s over simply a copy-paste, as Smith and Noseworthy say however these zones have evolved and altered within the passing years since we tend to were last there. To me, that’s cool, and makes Destiny a lot of of a living world.

This ultimately appears like a stronger set up than payment the resources to port all of Destiny one over verbatim, however instead adding bits and items of it back over time once applicable. I will see a scenario wherever say, so as to fight those pestiferous incoming triangle ships, we want to travel back to the dreadnought and obtain it operational to use it against a replacement foe. I don’t suppose each new enlargement ought to simply be propulsion a replacement zone from D1, however i favor this idea generally.

So yeah, i believe we are able to place to bed the question of Destiny one ever merging with Destiny a pair of fully. however this compromise appears like an honest set up too, and I’m wanting forward to the moon and no matter comes afterward.

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