Sony Playstation 5 Specs Leaked and PS4 Backwards Compatibility Confirmed!

Right out of obscurity, Sony has formally confirmed the next-generation PlayStation. They’ve born Associate in Nursing exclusive chat with Wired, that includes none apart from PS4 lead creator Mark Cerny, who’s conjointly at the helm for the next-gen console.

Cerny has born the motherload of data on the forthcoming console still, talking specs, unharness date, VR plans, and with regards to everything you may hope to understand. this can be over a mere upgrade, Cerny has promise. The PS4 professional has dingy the waters somewhat here, however the PS5 are going to be a much more important leap in performance.

“The key question,” Cerny same, “is whether or not the console adds another layer to the kinds of experiences you have already got access to, or if it permits for basic changes in what a game will be.”

The next-gen console are going to be launching in 2020 and devkits are in some developers’ hands for a few time. Sony has conjointly recently accelerated te rates at that it’s causing PS5 devkits out.

First things 1st, those all-important specs. The rumours and leaks have all been bang on the cash. The PlayStation five can use a custom AMD chip. The hardware is predicated on AMD’s Ryzen processors, employing a custom 8-core/16-thread 7nm Zen a pair of chip. this is often for certain way, way on the far side the capabilities of the Panthera onca chip utilized in the PS4, even while not information of the clock speeds.

Moving on to the GPU, and we’re observing a custom Radeon Navi 7nm GPU. Details area unit skinny on the bottom here however it’ll support period ray tracing. Incidentally, this conjointly provides a confirmation of types that the forthcoming desktop Navi graphics card will support DXR.

Cerny conjointly touts a custom 3D audio chip that he believes will redefine audio in games. It’s extremely tough to determine simply what this might mean, though a sense a of “presence” that isn’t felt currently are going to be key. sensible audio is nice audio, however whatever’s occurring here looks to be associated with a top quality electro-acoustic transducer diversion expertise.

Now here’s wherever things get a small amount additional fascinating once more. The next-gen PlayStation five can ship with an oversized SSD as customary. Cerny hasn’t same specifically however giant, however the description leak that’s been current recently prompt 2TB total storage, presumably shared between Associate in Nursing SSD and ancient HDD storage.

During a demo with Wired, Cerny showed Spider-Man running on a PS4 aboard a PS5 devkit. On the PS4 it took fifteen seconds to load, whereas on the PS5 it took zero.8 seconds. This advancement conjointly lends itself to quicker world renders. In Spider-Man, Spidey’s swing speed is proscribed by the speed at that the planet will be rendered in, nevertheless on the PS5 it will all be loaded in ultra-fast whereas traveling at quicker speeds.

And currently for the opposite bits and bobs:

  • The PlayStation five are going to be absolutely backward compatible with the PS4. No word on older PlayStation consoles however.
  • Cross-gen launch games area unit within the works. This in all probability includes Death Stranding.
  • PSVR can work with the PS5. It sounds as if PlayStation VR two is additionally in development.
  • It will be launched in 2020.
  • No valuation simply however, though rumours persist it’ll be around $499.
  • Sony has been building the PS5 for four years.
  • Will support up to 8K output.

And that’s it for currently. With the announcement currently move into the open, it’s in all probability not attending to be long till we tend to see a correct reveal of the hardware itself.

What area unit your initial thoughts on the specs then, has Sony got a beast on its hands? may ray-tracing be set to travel mainstream? allow us to recognize what you think!

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